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Albuquerque, NM 87110
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"We provide exceptional technology and program management services to exceptional clients!"

Organized in 2005, Sol Oriens LLC is a small, veteran-owned consulting firm focused on managing advanced technologies and concepts with strong potential for military and space applications. We provide skills to manage portfolios, programs, research & development, technology, and product engineering. We help clients guide high risk-high payoff technologies into viable systems. Our staff represents an effective mix of education, knowledge, experience, and relationships. We help Department of Defense and Department of Energy Organizations, Aerospace Contractors, and Technology Firms carry out complex programs. We focus on ensuring that there are well-developed technologies available to maintain a strong National Defense.


Trust is intrinsic to our continued business success. Clients trust us to help them manage portfolios filled with technology, risk, politics, and challenges. We cannot lose that trust.

"We help clients excel. " Our Staff Members are our strength - educated, trained, experienced experts in their fields of endeavor. They are extremely ethical in their treatment of sensitive activities and relationships. They are continual practitioners of effective interpersonal relations - both with and for our clients. They know their clients and their clients' business very very well.

"Professional, prompt, precise." We strive to provide the highest quality technology and management consulting services to Government, Aerospace, and Defense Clients. We stay small and independent so that we can focus on client issues. We remain privately held so that our fiscal and business management practices are not subject to external economic forces. We are fiscally conservative and temper our successes with sustainability.


Our Mission is to provide best in class technology and management consulting services to current and future clients at a competitive price, balancing the needs of our staff and partners in the process. We seek out challenging problems and work to find innovative solutions. We look for opportunities to influence technology transition and technology maturation for the good of our clients and the nation.


SOL ORIENS Vision is a sustainable privately held small business posture, focused on quality instead of size. We drive business units that facilitate small teams, reward extraordinary performance, and maintain the confidence of valued clients. We envision a future where Clients seek us out for legendary performance, high quality, products and services. We will maintain our core businesses and create new ones that continue to offer Exceptional Services to Exceptional Clients.

About our Trademark

The approximate English translation of Latin Sol Oriens is “Sun Rise” or “Sun in the East”.  We are lucky enough to work and live in Albuquerque, NM - known for the Sandia Mountains in the East, the International Balloon Fiesta in October, and a growing concentration of advanced technology in both commercial and defense markets.  We watch the sun rise over the Sandia Mountains every day, and are glad that we live here!

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