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Program Management

Earned Value Management Systems (EVMSs), Cost, Schedule, and Performance Management

  • We use Earned Value Management to keep programs on track.
  • We parse programs into a work breakdown structure (WBSs).
  • We plan how each task will be resourced.
  • We arrange them into a critical path.
  • We estimate time-phased costs.
  • EVMS is your friend – let us show you how!

Risk Analysis, Management, and Mitigation

  • Our expert ability to manage risks, identify problems, and then apply mitigation risks will keep your project firmly in control.

Subcontractor Management

  • We help choose subcontractors, put interfaces and controls in place, so you can manage your project more effectively.

Quality and Mission Assuredness

  • We know how to choose and configure quality and mission assuredness programs to suit the size and needs of your project.

Program Management

How can we possibly organize this?

We use, as a basis, the tenets of the Program Management Institute's Program Management Book of Knowledge, an internationally recognized resource for program management principles. A large portion of our staff is PMI certified. Our DOD and DOE clients use their own tailored versions of program management manuals, and we tailor our approaches to client needs. We can tailor an approach that meets your needs, while ensuring that the framework and specifics you choose will be adequate to control your project.

There are a number of industry standard tools for automating program management functions for projects that are small enough for a few team members or large enough for a nationwide network of project participants. We are experts at the use of MS Project, Oracle Primavera, and are well versed in other software tools like Deltek Cobra and Winsight. Project management and reporting tools sometimes look arcane, so we have a dedicated team of highly competent specialists with deep knowledge in specific areas and tools. We integrate the knowledge and experience of these specialists so that you don't have to.

Fiscal Planning and Resource Allocation

How much will this cost? How long will it take?

Cost, timeline, and resources are all difficult questions to address without considerable foresight and even harder to answer without considerable knowledge and experience. Our expert staff knows the right questions to ask, and how to gather the data required to answer those questions. They will then formulate that data into a transparent plan that includes elements of time, money, people, facilities, equipment, materials, and stakeholder good will. Our planning documents are complete, concise, configuration controlled, and are always part of our client deliverables package.