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Program Management


Program Management Clients around a whiteboard.

  • Our dedicated team of highly competent specialists integrate knowledge, data, and experience - so that you don't have to.
  • We can tailor an approach that meets your needs, while ensuring that the framework and specifics you choose will be adequate to control your project.
  • We start with the Program Management Institute‚Äôs Program Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), and then tailor our approaches to client needs.
  • We use industry standard tools for automating program management functions - MS Project, Oracle Primavera, Deltek Cobra, and Winsight.


We start with Program Essentials

Fiscal Planning and Resource Allocation

  • Our expert staff knows the right questions to ask, and how to gather the data required to answer those questions.
  • We generate a transparent plan that is complete, concise, configuration controlled, and client-owned.


Managing Teams

  • We help the teams form, work together, and operate effectively.


Integrating Business Functions, Technical and Financial Reporting

  • We link strategic planning, operational planning, and financial planning.
  • We build and use daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports that are clear and user friendly.